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W E L C O M E - S E A N

We are very excited to introduce SALTWOODs first "in-house" painter, Sean

At SALTWOOD we believe step one is building relationships, step two building beautiful homes. All good relationships start with a bit of chit-chat, have a read and start getting to know us...

Where are you from?

Born in New Zealand - I have spent most of my life in Melbourne.

This is where I met my fiancé, Kelly. Kelly was originally from Stawell so 5 and a half years ago, we decided to make the move to Stawell.

Since then family from my side have moved from Melbourne and the Northern Territory to be with us. Kelly and I have 2 kids… pigeon pair… Marley - 5, and Billie Jean - 3. We really value the fact that they are growing up with family around them.

Favourite thing to paint?

Feature walls – just finished a project for my kids, a Mario Kart themed feature wall for Marley and a pink one for Billie Jean’s room. Staircases are great too, they can be daunting but I love the challenge of turning a standard staircase into a beautiful feature, always a good project.

Top Tip?

Painting is 70% preparation, 30% application.

Ideal Day?

10 years ago I would have said a music festival with my mates – now, my ideal day would be Australia Day. Down at Warrnambool with the kids, going to the beach, walking the market and carnival, BBQ dinner back at the campsite, followed by watching the tennis with Kel and a few beverages, once the kids were asleep.

Free Time?

Music, both Kelly and I play the guitar, well Kelly plays, I try! We met at a gig and share the love of live music… I clearly remember the first time I picked her up from her place, there were a couple of guitars in the front room, I couldn’t resist rocking out a little barre chord or three as I waited. Let’s just say I quickly put it down again once Kelly came in and started to play with me, she is incredibly talented!

How long have you been a Painter?

Originally, I was keen to be a carpenter but the year I finished school the carpentry pre-apprenticeship course at TAFE was full… so Dad marched me across the hall and into the painting shed! Thankfully I had a great introduction to painting with a good pre-apprenticeship, where I got to see the potential in special finishes and details. Some painting apprentices, who are on the job straight away, spend the first 12 months on a sanding block which puts them off the trade altogether. I begun my apprenticeship with Melbourne Construction and Coats in the year 2000 and was qualified in 2003 moving in to the domestic side of the trade with Mitcham Painting as a subcontractor for myself.

In 2006 I had a 9 year break from professional painting and started at a Sheet Metal Fabrication plant. I started as a folding assistant and ended up managing a team of up to 20 through nightshift… it was full on, 12-14 hour shifts… but I loved the buzz. I still painted on side, there was always a mate who would start a project and need a hand finishing it! Eventually the long nightshifts started to take a toll on the quality of our lives, time with family etc so I decided to get back into my trade.

After moving to Stawell I began working for a local painter and then ventured out into my own business. After 18 month of doing that I worked for a commercial painting company based in Ballarat who had a lot of work in the region. After two and a half years with that company I had a quick stint in the mine and that was when Ken approached me about joining the SALTWOOD crew and I jumped at the opportunity.

Do you have a painting project that has been on the "To do" list for a while now?

Free feel to shoot us an email on or call

03 5358 3230. As per Sean's nickname, let's "hav-a-chat"!


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