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Building In The Grampians

3 TOPTIPS to consider when starting a project in The Grampians

Saltwood Build connecting with our team
Share your ideas with an experienced local builder


Connect with locals. A local builder, working full-time in the industry, should be your No.1 guide. With local knowledge and experience they will be able to provide the relevant contacts for planning & building authorities and give you your starting nuts & bolts.

For instance, the Bushfire Management Overlay (BMO) has been applied to most of the Grampians. Building works in a BMO area may require a planning permit to ensure bushfire hazards, such as vegetation, slope and site access are assessed, and that bushfire protection measures are in place to manage risk. The BMO Information for Landowners by the State of Victoria DELWP is a helpful read.

Custom designs with Saltwood Build to incorporated your surrounds
Love where you live - incorporate your surroundings in your design


A thoughtfully designed, custom build can enable the stunning Grampian views to be enjoyed from all aspects of your project. Be aware that using a generic, off-the-plan design, may limit your favourite view.

Lock your booking with Saltwood Build to avoid the rain
Getting your booking locked in with Saltwood Build


Check your calendar to work with the seasons. Getting a lid on your project before the winter rains, by ensuring frame stage is completed and your roof secured fixed, can save costly set-backs and makes site visits all the more enjoyable. Some areas of The Grampians can experience over 1000mm annual rainfall.

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